Friday, January 1, 2016

#1 - Daniel

#1 - Daniel

Daniel is one of my oldest friends. We met in 7th grade. 

Daniel means many things to me. He's funny, smart, handsome, loyal, generous, has great taste in scotch, and always been there for me.

Daniel is also one of a handful of my friends that are Jewish.

Faith is going to be a big theme in my essays this year. When I say faith, I mean "a belief in something bigger than just you and me".

It seems that it has become a bit of the zeitgeist these days to tear apart the beliefs of the faithful. That somehow discrediting their faith will somehow elevate you to the higher status regarding your own beliefs... or lack thereof.

I am not Jewish like my friend Daniel. Likewise, I am not faithful like my friend Daniel. The power to believe has always compelled me in my life. I do not mock your beliefs... I am envious.

Here is a friend from childhood that has gone through similar struggles and successes at similar times over the years, and kept his faith.

That does not deserve mockery. It deserves praise.

Daniel, It was great to see you last night. Let's do it again soon.


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